“Transport, more than anything, changes a place” – John Betjeman

ReThink Studio is a New York City-based urban transportation consulting firm with a reputation for developing holistic solutions for both small and large-scale transportation problems. Recent work includes ReThinkNYC, an innovative plan to create a “car-optional” region by strengthening and expanding passenger rail in and around New York City.

Through the implementation of several interconnected proposals, the ReThinkNYC plan will improve efficiency, mobility, and capacity throughout New York City and the Northeast Corridor. A few major components of the plan include: regional rail unification, expanding LaGuardia Airport, redesigning parts of the NYC subway, and transforming an underutilized section of Queens into an international destination.

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Regional Rail Proposal

ReThink Studio proposes uniting the region’s 26 commuter rail lines along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor by establishing a through-running…


LaGuardia Airport Proposal

ReThink Studio proposes a new LaGuardia Airport complex in The Bronx and Queens. Through this design…


NYC Subway Proposal

ReThink Studio’s proposal to create the LGA airport and rail station in Port Morris, The Bronx, offers an opportunity…

Sunnyside Rendering

Sunnyside, Queens Proposal

Sunnyside Station would be the cornerstone of a larger plan to transform the neighborhood into the new…